Refinery - Lead Process Engineer

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Job Summary:

 The Process Engineers report to the Process Lead Engineer who is responsible for helping the process group proactively identify problems and develop solutions with a goal of maximizing on unit stream time and optimizing unit economics in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. In addition to leading the process group the lead engineer also is directly responsible for the several process areas.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

· Develop individual and team goals on a yearly basis with regular goal reviews to assess progress of direct reports · Hire and administer the chemical engineering intern program
· Plan and schedule monthly process optimization meetings
· Develop and mentor process engineers providing training and developmental opportunities Safety
· Ensure that units are operated safely and employees comply with all safety procedures and standards
· Participate in unit PHAs
· Help the unit supervisor ensure that all incidents and near misses are reported
· Participate in yearly certification of SOPs
· Lead and/or participate in assigned incident investigations
· Ensure completion of assigned PHA recommendations
· Ensure completion of assigned incident recommendations
· Ensure MOCs are in place and that PSSR and training is completed for all process changes.
· Ensure safety walk throughs are completed for all turnarounds
· Support completion of recommendations from the PSM Audit, Alky QRA, siting study, and API-751 Audit, etc

Administration of Operations Personnel
· Assist in the development and implementation of unit specific training for operations as requested by the Training Department or Unit Supervisor
· Support the development of red tag training for emergency SOPs

Unit Operations
· Monitor unit performance and be available by phone to discuss operator questions and concerns
· Troubleshoot and resolve operational issues
· Participate and be proficient in unit start-ups and shut downs
· Attend morning and afternoon daily operations meetings and the 11 AM daily maintenance meeting as needed
· Track and monitor catalyst/chemical performance and usage

· MOC originator is to work with operations to create blind lists for projects
· Submit a unit incident log every month to the Technical Manager for LPO analysis
· Write operational reports for major events like shutdowns and catalyst change-outs
· Prepare summary report for monthly review with management (Unit Optimization Meeting)
 · Provide data to technology suppliers, catalyst vendors, etc. coordinate periodic meetings to review with management
· Maintain and improve unit mass balances
·Support Unit Supervisor in maintaining SOPs
· Improve and maintain P&IDs
· Support major capital projects
· Identify projects to improve performance and eliminate bottlenecks. Scope projects for handoff to project engineering
· Develop royalty reports annually
· Submit work list every month to the Technical Manager
· Support other engineers as needed
· Identify with Technical Manager appropriate training to develop skills
· Develop and keep unit PI screens up to date

· Ensure all TAR work is complete and correct
· Working with Operations Unit Supervisor, develop shutdown and start-up times
· Review the start-up and shutdown SOPs and ensure that they are adequate for the TAR
· Attend TAR meetings and provide support to the TAR planning group to develop an accurate worklist
· Provide process engineering support for TAR maintenance/projects
· Write the MOCs for the TAR unless projects are specifically assigned to Project Engineering
· Write work requests in Maximo for TA work and give it a TA designation
· Develop loading diagrams and oversee catalyst loading
· Write TAR reports

Education and Experience Requirements:
· BS in Chemical Engineering
· Minimum 10 years’ experience in process engineering
· Minimum 2 years’ supervisory experience

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Requirements
· Self-directed
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills
· Actively works to improve areas of responsibility
· Works constructively with a wide variety of personality and skill sets
· Effectively manages the challenges of a changing and improving work environment
· Produces results
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