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Paving Superintendent

Austin, Texas · Construction/Facilities
Construction - Paving Superintendent - Texas

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POSITION DESCRIPTION SUMMARY:                                         
This field Superintendent position will be responsible to ensure a safe work zone, directing and reporting all company activities on the job site which includes interaction with trucking companies, asphalt plants, as well as the general contractor. This working Superintendent will be actively involved in all areas of the crew’s work. Must cooperate with and support other crews, departments, and affiliates to attain all company goals.
Safety: Identify and resolve safety problems or issues and which put the company's employees at risk for injury.
  • Work with the safety department to help maintain compliance with Environmental, Health and Safety rules.
  • Restrict any employee from starting work who does not have proper safety equipment, who appears to be unfit, or a hazard to themselves & others.
  • Complete the Job Safety Analysis with the crew to explain job and task related hazards and risks on a daily basis.
  • Document all accidents and submit to the safety department. Must also be involved with the accident investigation process.
  • Discuss all issues relative to safety problems.
Accounting: Accurately report on the daily work completed on each job site and enter the following details into Bid2Win, a payroll tracking software:
    • Hours worked by all employees on the crew reporting to this position
    • The usage of paving equipment on the job site(s)
    • The use of material at each site
    • Track units(sq yards/tonnage) for each project, know how project is being paid
    • The use of company and contracted trucking services by job (in tonnage and hours)
    • Job Name, Number, and Date
    • The description and use of other services or supplies
    • Communicate with the Project Manager throughout the day to review the status of the job, and plan the next day(s) work.
    • Document all issues relative to change orders, back charges.
  • Scheduling Daily monitoring, and reporting on the crew performance and documenting all job activities and performance.
  • Job Site: Ensure all work completed meets quality expectations for quality as well as the requirements of the General Contractor, inspector, or other authority.to include:
  • Identifying and reporting on quality problems in site preparation and making necessary changes as well as correcting problems with the QC Technician onsite.
  • Managing the affiliated job site activities, (truck operators, other contractors, traffic control, etc…)
  • Communicate with the Project Manager when materials, supplies, tools and equipment are not on the job site in a timely manner in order to support the daily construction schedule.
  • Document all issues relative to quality problems.
  • Must be able to complete project on time and know the budget.
Positively engage employees to achieve excellent performance:
  • Assure that all employees are treated in accordance with the code of conduct and guidelines.
  • Responsible for employee adherence to company policies and procedures.
  • Monitor the performance and provide direction of crew members on the job site.
  • Responsible for verbal and written warnings and termination for inadequate or unsafe work performance.
  • Review the use of all crew equipment and other assets and regularly report on the condition of this equipment, the need for fuel, and service.
Kevin Sierka
Recruiting Manager

406-564-1735 (f)
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