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Dispatcher for Troy Vines

Durant, OK · Administrative
  • Dispatcher reports directly to, and is fully accountable to the Dispatch Manager
  • Strives to be a Safety Leader in all aspects of the Job, assists Safety Officer with enforcement of DOT regulations, participates in 5S Program       
  • Receives and documents complete and accurate order information from Customers. Reviews all orders for errors. Reviews Schedule for any “GAPS”. Enters realistic and accurate data. Ensures the schedule is up to date so others can rely upon the display for decision making.
  • Answers phone, figures concrete, schedules, alters customer orders, and transfers call(s)
  • Ensures all COD orders and Stand By Time are collected with both  Driver and Plant Manager
  • Confirms orders before 10 AM for next day and 1 hour before scheduled delivery time. Contacts Plant Manager in a timely manner with Order confirmation as well as EXACT meeting  location
  • Probes the customer for information, upcoming orders, and cut off quantities so there are no surprises. Ensure the customer understands all relevant company policies such as will calls, additional products, over amount ordered, delivery fees, freight charges, Stand by Time, towing charges, wash out area, and our driver responsibilities.
  • Attains all required information for Order, Check Verification, CC Authorization. Job Sheet, Tax Exemption, and PO 
  • Assists with Material –AGG Sales
  • Adjusts ticket times to keep up with the customers actual unload time, monitors the trucks activity on TRACK IT
  • Submits Driver Start / End of Day Times Report
  • To perform this job successfully. An individual must be able to have good organizational and planning skills.
The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills and / or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disability to perform the essential functions.
  • The physical requirements are: Sixty percent (60%) of the time is spent sitting. Body movements include walking, turning the head and torso, reaching, grasping, bending and flexing the arms, legs, wrists, hands and fingers. The sense of being able to see hear, and having full power of speech are required.
  • Ability to maintain good rapport with Customers. Good verbal communication skills, including probing and persuasion as well as the ability to motivate Drivers and other team members.
  • Must be able to comprehend and perform business math calculations. Must be able to use the tools and machines ,including computers used in business, must be able to communicate verbally and in writing in English to interact with Customers, employees, vendors, and professionals.
  • A fluency in Spanish (preferably in the local dialect) would be considered a significant plus
  • Will work primarily in an enclosed office with moderate to high noise levels. Temperatures within the office can vary significantly during the course of the business day. Workdays will be from 8-14 hours per day and will include early mornings, late evenings and some Saturdays.
  • To carry out the goals, plans, and mission of Troy Vines, Inc. as established by the Company.
  • To execute the direction of the company as established by the President.
  • To ensure that all actions of the company are accomplished in an ethical manner, with the ability to understand the importance of impeccable customer service.
  • Ensures that Customer service, quality of work, and products meet or exceed customer expectations. Maintains cordial and professional customer, vendor, community, and public relations
  • Accuracy of orders, on time deliveries , driver utilization , and material per hour
Chris Westerlund

406-534-4232 – Billings, MT
480-568-4544 – Phoenix, AZ
406-697-4993 (c) 406-564-1735 (f)
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