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Quality Control Manager

Centennial, Colorado
Division Quality Control Manager (DQCM)
General Job Description:  The DQCM serves in an advisory, support and enforcement capacity for the Division Manager and other supervisors responsible for adherence to IHC’s QC Program.
The DQCM is also responsible for the coordination, management, and performance of the Division’s QC resources needed to measure, record, and report quality performance for IHC’s work items.
IHC believes that quality can only be controlled at the proper time and place and by individuals whose actions most influence quality of the finished product.  It is the DQCM’s responsibility to instill in every craft worker the quality control requirements for the job being performed. This is the primary function of the DQCM.
Education, Training, and Experience Requirements: It is understood that this position necessitates extensive education, training & knowledge. Accordingly, each DQCM must satisfy one of the following qualifications.
  • Registration as a Professional Engineer in any US State and two years heavy highway construction experience.
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in a construction related curriculum from any accredited college or university and three years heavy highway construction experience.
  • Associates of Science Degree from any accredited college or university and four years heavy highway construction experience.
  • Five years of practical construction supervisory experience as determined by the Division Manager in conjunction with the Corporate QC Manager
Authorities: Has the authority to stop work for failure to meet quality requirements. Seek concurrence for work stoppages from the Division Manager, Project Manager / Administrator, Superintendent, and or the supervisor in charge of the defective work. Assist in the preparation of the corrective action plan and work resumption.
Goals and objectives:
  • Development of a work force that controls 100% of the work being constructed to the highest quality standard in the construction industry.
  • Serve as a technical expert to division and project management on quality materials, processes, and workmanship.
  • In conjunction with the Division Manager train, mentor and assist project QC representatives.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The following tasks are required to be completed for each project unless specifically waived by the Division Manager in conjunction with the CQCM.  The DQCM is responsible for assuring that these tasks are completed either personally or through others as assigned by the Division Manager.
  • Operational Functions
  • Pre-construction Responsibilities
    • Lead or support in the preparation of all Project Quality Control Plans
    • Assure that a Pre-Work Meeting Schedule is maintained for each of the division’s projects.
    • Pre-construction meeting assignments: Lead or support in all division pre-construction meeting assignments.
      • Lead or support in promoting quality control program by presenting it at pre-construction meetings.
      • Lead or support in achieving participation by the owner agency / prime contractor in our Pre-Work and Core Level Training Process.
    • Assure that files are set up as outlined in the project QC Plan or the QC Manual.  This is to maintain an audit trail of all QC documents and written communications for the resolution of questions and/or problems between any other entity.
    • Establish rapport with owner agencies / prime contractors, subcontractors, and vendors. Always maintain a professional demeanor.
    • Participate in development of the Optimum Budget for QC items. Thoroughly understand the budget elements assigned to you.
    • Become familiar with Subcontractors, Material Producers, and Professional Service Providers and the Quality Control related special conditions of their Agreements. Lead or support with setting up compliance monitoring, reporting of failures, and assisting with corrective actions and dispute resolution.
    • Follow purchasing procedures when obtaining quality control equipment, supplies, services, and materials.
    • Lead or support in carrying out all preliminary testing and inspections in a timely manner.
      • Mix Designs (PCC, RCC, CTB, CTS, TOGB, etc.)
      • Other materials processed by IHC
      • Material qualification testing
    • Lead or support in Plant / Pug Mill inspection and uniformity testing. Plant uniformity testing is required at the frequencies outlined in the QC Manual. Pug Mill Calibration is required prior to starting and recommended weekly during production. Frequencies can be adjusted by mutual agreement between the CQCM and the DM.
    • Assure that all preliminary quality control submittals are transmitted to the owner agency / prime contractor in a timely manner.
    • Assist with the mobilization and set-up of any on-site testing facilities called for.
  • Construction Responsibilities
    • Lead or support in all pre-work meetings. Pre-work meetings are required for all items of work including subcontracted work. Some items may be excluded by mutual agreement between the CQCM and the DM. Pre-work meetings are a project management group effort.
    • Lead or support in core level training. Core level training meetings are to be conducted for all construction processes. As a minimum these meetings should be held prior to the start of a construction process. These meeting should also be held after a one month or greater gap in production, after a significant defect is identified, or for a work stoppage due to quality, safety, or environmental concerns. Assure that all craft workers posses the basic knowledge required to perform their tasks.
    • Periodically audit core level training through interviews. Craft workers are required to know and understand their job description and supervisors are required to memorize the job description of all subordinates
    • Continuously demand quality and compliance with the plans, specifications, and standards.
    • Continuously monitor and evaluate the project’s quality performance. Assure procedures are followed for responding to defective work.
    • Maintain constant awareness of all testing and inspections being performed. Adjust testing frequencies as needed to maintain control.
    • Evaluate daily and make corrective measures as necessary on the QC staff’s attainment of their daily responsibilities as per their assignment as outlined in their job descriptions.
    • Monitor assigned project costs for quality control activities.
    • As time allows, monitor and document all construction processes. Photographic and/or video recording of the execution of construction processes is essential to the education and training of our workforce, providing product quality superior to the current state of the art, and continuously improving our means and methods.
  • Post-construction Responsibilities
    • In conjunction with project management expedite selling the project
      • Assist with the completion all punch list items.
      • Make sure all defects are repaired and deficiency reports closed.
  • Reporting Responsibilities
    • Reporting to Project and Division Management will be as directed by the Division Manager.
    • Reporting directly to Corporate QC Manager (CQCM). Electronically notify the CQCM when any of the following items are added to the project’s electronic filing system. Notification should also be given for any files that are updated.
      • Mix Designs
      • Weekly QC Report
      • Weekly updated prework meeting schedule
      • Prework meeting agendas, minutes, and attendance.
      • Core level training agendas, minutes, and attendance.
      • Plant uniformity testing and Pug Mill calibrations
      • Defective work with more than $2,000 in penalty or rework and proposed corrective actions. Corrective actions shall be approved by the DM and CQCM collectively.
      • Correspondence that pertains to defective work or IHC’s ability to control the quality performance of our work or subcontractors.
      • Employee warnings and disciplinary actions for quality related conduct.
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