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Divisional Vice President-Forensic Engineering

Denver, Colorado · Architecture/Engineering
Divisional Vice President –Forensic Consulting & Engineering
Denver, CO 

If you have the necessary experience, have shown stability with past employers, have a strong industry background and are looking for new opportunities, let EJS Group guide you through a highly competitive marketplace. EJS Group will provide you with insight into our client's culture, compensation expectations and growth opportunities. Apply today and allow us to present you to our client for maximum exposure.

Company Profile:
My client is a leading global provider of building and forensic science experts who provide a comprehensive and diverse range of engineering, rehabilitative design, consulting, enclosure commissioning (BECx), construction management, and field performance testing services. They have a reputation as a trusted advisor and industry leader that has contributed to their unprecedented growth and expansion over the past 3 years.

Divisional Vice President –Forensic Consulting & Engineering
Reports To: President & CEO
Through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of the company, the Divisional Vice President provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the Division executes operational management, controls and Business Development strategy to effectively grow the Division. This role ensures regional Directors and Department Managers and Project Managers are accountable for designated areas of responsibility, staffing, policy and practice compliance, and able to meet obligations toward the Division’s objectives.  Identifies areas of unsatisfactory operational performance and develops corrective actions for resolution.  This role is responsible for understanding their respective markets and competition.
  1. Responsible for driving the Division to achieve and surpass sales, office and project profitability, cash flow and business goals and objections.
  2. Participates in strategic planning, provides leadership, and executes to enhance profitability, productivity and efficiency throughout the Division.
  3. Alignment and collaboration; builds and promotes partnership between Regional Director of Operations and Business Development; regularly interacts with, provides and relays information between the Executive team and the Regional Directors to accomplish the goals of the company; interacts regularly with all Division leaders to ensure consistency in interpretation and execution of company policies, procedures and strategy.
  4. Hires, trains, develops and appraises management staff effectively.  Implements development initiatives & corrective action as necessary on a timely basis and in accordance with company policy.  Consults with and utilizes Human Resources as appropriate.  Works with Regional Directors and Departments Managers regarding employee reviews and compensation plans.
  5. Identify potential strategic partners, alliances and relationships within Division; work with and through Regional Director of Business Development to foster partnerships.
  6. Develop and maintain high-profile external relationships within customer constituents, professional organizations.
  1. Monitors, and reports on progress to sales/revenue goals & operating costs within functional areas.  Alerts management of monthly sales projections, proposals, cost and labor over runs.  Makes recommendations and implements solutions to problems related to same.
  1. Participates in project pricing, scoping, strategic proposal development, and client negotiations to ensure project profitability, and appropriate risk reward relationship.  Provides contract review/negotiations and execution for projects and works with the managers regarding invoicing and accounts receivable.
  2. Works with the Regional Directors, Business Development and Department Managers to ensure service relevance, delivery excellence, and client satisfaction.
  3. Continually investigates and introduces process improvement measures and presents suggestions to Executive team for consideration.
  4. Promote a sales culture and model trusted advisor relationships with internal and external clients.
  5. Conducts peer review of deliverables for the Regional Directors as necessary.  Provide professional engineer/principal review, technical expertise and project oversight where needed.
Behavioral Attributes Required:
•             Exude confidence in all actions; Earn respect and encourage accountability thru company Core Values.
•             Admit mistakes
•             Cool under pressure; able to trouble shoot with a clear mind
•             Curiosity; Explores the unknown; culture, staff, industry, services
•             Understands value proposition
•             Seeks to understand
•             People Focused; Able to adapt well, and appreciate differences
•             Caring; treats others with courtesy, sensitivity and respect
•             Considers human element and responds empathetically
•             Managerial courage; Doesn’t hold back; provides direct, competent and actionable feedback to others
•             Faces people or problems quickly and directly
•             Is not afraid to take negative action if needed
•             Analytical Mind Eye for details
•             Ability to predict future outcomes, trends with data
•             Synthesizes large amounts of information and distills into actionable components
•             Flexible:  is open to change and new information; rapidly adapts to new information or unfamiliar situations, changing conditions or unexpected obstacles
Competencies Required:
Business Intelligence
•             What is a measure of satisfaction for the various kinds of clients the company has?
•             Understand company services and capabilities
•             Continually conducts competitor analysis
•             Up to date on latest industry trends
•             Up to date on economic matters impacting industry/sectors/market
Communicate Effectively
•             Practices thoughtful inquiry, probing 
•             Listens actively
•             Engage with all levels
•             All types of personalities
•             Wide variety of vehicles
•             Never forgets about human element
•             Develops a (PLV) Personal Life Vision through company’s IMP program and bases all human interactions through PLV.
•             Builds relationships, influence, manage conflicts and navigate through office politics.
•             Appreciates and leverages the strengths of divers work styles
Implement Strategy
•             Models core values, vision
•             Acts as liaison between broad strategic vision, execution and implementation between
Executive and Regional Director levels
•             Not fearful of acting with minimal planning
Enforces Standards
•             Maintains accountability
•             Set clearly defined goals/expectations/procedures/WI
•             Measures Results
•             Overcomes resistance from all levels
•             Manages change effectively
Action oriented
•             Enjoys working hard
•             Not fearful of acting with minimal planning
•             Seizes more opportunities than others
•             Seeks out challenges
Workforce Planning/ Utilization
•             Effectively maintain staffing levels and skill sets to support projects
•             Proactively anticipate needs; maintain pipeline of talent and network connections
•             Consistently meets utilizations goals for self and Division
Understand Company’s financial performance
•             Can prepare sales projections
•             Create Expense budgets
•             Analyze profit/loss statement
•             Is able to simplify process of creating financial projections
•             Efficiently prepares forecast reports
Fosters a continuous learning environment
•             Surround self with highly skilled and capable employees
•             Regularly provide specific, timely and respectful coaching and feedback to team
•             Owns self-development
Track and measure staff performance
•             Set clear objectives
•             Measure progress
•             Link progress to success metrics
Motivates Team
•             Builds strong teams
•             Leads by example
•             Avoids micromanagement
•             Develops positive relationships
•             Understands and addresses individual needs of staff
•             Use situational leadership to delegate responsibility to team
•             Focuses time on strategic tasks and hands off all other items to team
•             Transfers knowledge to team so more than one person can perform
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